WHAT is IconsZone


We bring fans closer to their icons & engage icons in a dialogue with their audience

IconsZone is a global commercial solution oriented to provide services in the Sports, Entertainment and Music industries.

IconsZone is a young company inspired by social media movements; conceptualized to gather each icon’s universe into a single place for their fans to follow. We bring fans closer to their icons, and engage icons in a dialogue with their audience.


Connecting fans & icons


IconsZone Directors account for over 60 years of background in leading companies linked to the worlds of sports marketing, entertainment, brand management, retail and digital commerce.

Tom Matthiesen

Co-Founder & Client Director
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The Top 4 players in most football clubs would account for more social media followers than the clubs they play for. IconsZone seeks to harness the power of this reach.
Mobile Access to Web
is growing exponentially.
Social Media Usage
is set for continued global growth.
Mobile Retail Growth
is outpacing PC growth by almost 10 to 1.
IconsZone´s reach is global.
Our network of partners and agents help us to reach fans wherever they are.

It is into this dynamic growing digital universe that we launch IconsZone´s digital
commercial platform, born to leverage these megatrends.


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for further information: info@iconszone.com